Acacia Technologies Acquires Rights To Patent For Video Editing Technology

Yesterday, Acacia Technologies announced that it has acquired rights to a patent relating to video editing
technology. The press release says that the "patented technology generally relates to altering video
streams in real time to remove portions of an original image and
substitute elements to create a new image. This technology can be used
to digitally change the background of a video image without using
traditional blue screen techniques."

I’m trying to get more details on the patent number(s) but so far, Acacia is not providing any of that info. As anyone who has followed the online video industry may remember, Acacia Technologies was the firm that hit many in the market with letters claiming that their DMT (Digital Media Transmission) patents were being infringed upon and covered just about every form of video delivery over IP. For more on Acacia you can visit the special patent section on the website at

You can also learn more about other companies aggressively pursuing patents as potential revenue generators in my article from June entitled "Digital Media Patents for Profit".

(image credit: photo of CEO Paul Ryan from the Orange County Register)