YouTube’s Problem Is Not Advertising, Its Getting The Videos To Play

YouTube Buffering
For all the talk of YouTube’s new advertising model and the number of eyeballs they have, the biggest problem facing YouTube is the fact that half the time, their videos don’t even play back properly. Why can’t YouTube get poor quality, short-form videos to play back without all of the wait, buffering, and starts and stops that users are experiencing? I first wrote about this back in February with a post entitled "Is Google Having Problems Delivering YouTube Videos?" and since then it has gotten far worse.

Last week, I saw that my February post about the poor YouTube playback experience had quickly become the number one post on my blog that people were finding via Google. TypePad shows me the phrases that people are putting into Google and it’s phrases like, "you tube video wont load", "slow youtube videos", "youtube video loading" and "can’t load you tube" amongst others.

What is the problem here? This is not an infrastructure problem. Google is not lacking in technical expertise, capital, or the resources to make these videos work. If smaller companies can get high-quality, long-from content to work without these playback problems, then what is Google’s excuse? They have no business model today for YouTube, have been working on their "advertising plan" forever yet they can’t even get the basics to work.

When it comes to YouTube’s advertising strategy, they have a major flaw. In order for their advertising strategy to work, it requires users to actually be able to view the videos. YouTube is the most overrated, over hyped company ever in this industry.