Wikipedia’s Streaming Media Page Stinks: Lets Fix It

I was reading an article on Reuters this week entitled "Wikia details plans for search rival to Google" where Jimmy Wales says he is putting together the building blocks for a service that will rival Google. The article quotes him as saying "If we can get good quality search results, I think it will
really change the balance of power from the search companies
back to the publishers.

I guess that could be the case, but has anyone seen the streaming media page on Wikipedia? If that page is any indication of the kind of search results Wikipedia provides, then Google has nothing to worry about. Yes, of course I am biased when it comes to the streaming media page as I think it should represent our industry well and should be informative. But it isn't. The page list only three links under it's "references" section, all of which date back to 2000 or 2001 and to an authors site who is an expert on cryptology, not video or streaming media.

I tried once to edit the page and was told I couldn't due to some sort of permissions issue. I don't work with Wikipedia and never use it and quite frankly, don't know all the politics around who can and can't post. So I'm asking for help for those of you in the industry, who have experience with Wikipedia and can update the page with info that is actually useful, relevant and timely. You don't even have to include a link to if you don't want. I'd be happy with the page just getting updated for all of us. I'll thank anyone in advance who can help fix this.