Updated List Of Content Delivery Networks For Streaming, P2P & Video Downloads

Since my recent posts that listed the video delivery providers for CDN and P2P based services, a lot has changed in the market. In the past few months, new providers have entered the arena, acquisitions have been completed and other providers have come out to give more details on exactly what type of delivery services they are providing.

With that in mind, here is another updated list of all the content delivery networks I am tracking for video delivery. This list takes into account networks that are delivering video via streaming, progressive downloading and P2P. I’ve also noted what types of delivery each one provides and think I have them all right, but some of them still make it confusing as they may call it something else. If any of the delivery classifications next to a company’s name is not right, I’m sure the providers will let it be known in the comments section.

In alphabetical order the networks are:

Those not included on the list are companies who make products for the delivery networks, providers who are going after small businesses, or those who re-sell one of the providers above.

Keep in mind, in most cases you can’t fairly compare one company to another. You can only compare the products amongst the companies that are similar.