Event Space Needed For Video 2.0 Meetup In NYC Next Week

NY Video Meetup
The Video 2.0 Meetup in NYC usually takes place at Columbia Business School but the building will be closed next week. The organizer of the meetup, Yaron Samid, is hoping someone knows of a space that can be used for next Thursday, August 30th from about 6:30-9:30pm. We’re looking for space to accommodate roughly 250 attendees. If need be, the date can be moved if that helps secure the space. If you have a location yourself, or know of a location that can be used for free, please let me know.

While there are tons of spaces out there, most of them are very expensive and the Web 2.0 Meetup is a free networking and demo event for everyone. The way it is kept free is by keeping the costs down to zero or to something extremely small. If your company has the space and is willing to donate it, I’ll be happy to promote your company on my blog with a thank you and write a brief description of who you are and what you do. Its free visibility on a blog that gets roughly 300,000 page views a month in exchange for some space.