Updated List Of Content Delivery Providers For Streaming Video Delivery

Since my post three months ago entitled "Comprehensive List Of Stream Hosting Providers" much has changed in the content delivery market. That being the case, here is an updated list of content delivery networks who support streaming media delivery. Notice I didn’t say "video delivery" but rather "streaming" since many companies can deliver video via progressive download off of web servers but don’t support streaming via media servers. I also classify a content delivery network as one that providers deliver services from more than just a few locations and has its servers located in at least the North America and European regions.

Now that being said, this list does not take into account P2P providers or networks that are more of a hybrid or the ones that classify themselves as non-traditional CDNs or are P2P based. That list can be seen here and will be updated shortly as well.

Here are the networks I track, in alphabetical order.

What’s interesting to note about these ten providers is that only Akamai and Limelight have streaming media servers deployed in the Asia Pacific Region. Many of the other providers are working to build out that capacity for the near term, but don’t have it today. CDNetworks is the one exception in that they are based in Korea, but have since entered the U.S. market with a streaming media offering serving content of out nine locations in North America. I will have a more in-depth profile of CDNetworks next week.