Sawmill Releases Product For Analyzing Flash and Windows Media Formats

Streaming Media Reporting
Sawmill, a software package that allows for the analytics of raw log files from streaming media services, announced that hey have upgraded their product to support the Adobe Flash media and Microsoft streaming media log file formats.

I’ve long been one to complain about the lack of tools on the market for those who serve their own streaming media content. (See, "Reporting Tools Lacking For Companies That Delivery Videos Online") Ever since Lariat got acquired and EnScaler went out of business over five years ago, there hasn’t been a product on the market that has gotten any real traction. That may change with Sawmill. did a review of the Sawmill product last month and you can read the review by Steve Mack for more details into the products features and cost. Based on Steve’s positive review, it looks like Sawmill may have a chance at really fulfilling a huge need in the market.

The biggest hurdle for Sawmill is that not many know of the company or the product. and the company is based in the UK. You can buy the product from them directly via their website but they really need to start marketing the product here in the U.S. since 9 times out of 10, when I asked people about reporting tools, they have never heard of Sawmill. If the product works as well as Steve’s review says, I’m rooting for them.