New HD DVD Features Allows Consumers To Edit And Upload Video

HD DVD Features
As Blu-ray and HD DVD continue to battle it out over which format will dominate the market, last week, HD DVD released its first title that incorporates new user features that involves online video. These new features allows anyone who connects their HD DVD player to the Internet via a broadband connection the ability to download trailers to other movies, change menu styles and download other subtitles.

But the most interesting feature is that it will allow anyone to re-edit the movie, arranging the scenes as they want and then allow them to upload their edited video to a server hosted by the studio, in this case to Warner Brothers, for the movie 300. The other users can download that version of the movie to their HD DVD players and watch the re-edited video. What I’m trying to find out is what the technology is behind this, what compression is being used and how large of a file is the user uploading from their house to the studio. And where is the file saved that is being downloaded? To some sort of drive in the HD DVD player or to the disc itself? I can’t find any technical details on the HD DVD site.

All of this seems like a bit of last ditch effort for HD DVD which clearly is not getting the market penetration over Blu-ray. Yes, from the data I have read, more HD DVD players have been sold than Blu-ray, but it’s all going to come down to what content is available. The content will dictate which format wins. And the announcement by Blockbuster two weeks ago that it would not stock HD DVDs when it expands the high-definition section in its 1,450 stores next month and will only stock Blu-ray, is another bad sign for HD DVD.

I say good, let one of these formats fall by the wayside and lets get some standards when it comes to something in U.S.