TV Commercials Showcasing Terrible User Generated Content

User Generated Content
User generated content is now everywhere and it seems companies are using it more and more in TV commercials just to look cool or to highlight the fact that it’s UGC content as if that makes them hip. In just one night of watching TV, I saw commercials by McDonald’s, Geico and some mattress company all using UGC content or filming the video in such a way to look like user generated content. And we all saw what Doritos did with UGC content during the Super Bowl half a year ago. A commercial that would have never gotten any publicity if Doritos didn’t highlight the fact it was user generated.

The McDonald’s commercial in particular highlights on the screen the fact that the video was "actual user generated content" featuring two kids rapping about McNuggets outside of a store. It’s the most annoying commercial ever and companies need to remember that a commercial is about the quality of the content. That’s rule number one. Just because the content you use might be user generated, it does not make it quality content. I’m sure someone will say that McDonald’s did a good job marketing wise as I now have remembered their UGC commercial and their brand. Yes, I remember it alright. I remember that when I see it, I change the channel.