Bloggers Need To Cover More Than Just YouTube And UGC Companies

With all that is going on in the online video world today, why is it that most of the blogs and news sites only seem to focus on YouTube or user generated content topics? This week is typical of most. Over the past four days, I have read about 450 posts from 54 sites that I have in my RSS reader. Of those 450, nearly 60% of them are about YouTube, user generated content, video and social networking sites and topics all pertaining to user generated content in some form.

What about all of the other exciting subjects pertaining to the online video world? Why aren’t more bloggers talking about video in other markets like the enterprise, broadcast, mobile and education markets? Or what about the infrastructure side of the business. Servers, encoders, formats and tools. Yes, some cover these subjects but literally just a handful. If user generated content sites did not exist, I really wonder if a lot of these bloggers and news sites would have anything to talk about?

Am I the only one who is tired of reading a few dozen stories a day about YouTube and other UGC sites that to date, have shown no successful business models? Yes, I understand the role UGC will play in our industry and I understand the excitement around these tools that enable anyone to get video online. But our industry has been around for the past 14 years now and user generated sites have been around for only a few. There was an entire industry and business before the UGC sites were even around, but you wouldn’t know of it the way many of these sites only talk about YouTube.