Looking For Bloggers To Write About Online Video

Ok, so I’ll put my money where my mouth is so to speak. If you are interested in doing a blog about some facet of the online video industry, we’ll setup the blog for you, drive traffic to it, promote it on StreamingMedia.com AND sell sponsorships and ads on the blog and split the revenue with you. All you have to do is blog, which is enough work by itself. I’ll even blog with you on your site to start.

We can get you the traffic if you can provide the content. While I am open to all ideas, in particular I want to start blogs on enterprise video, mobile video, webcasting and P2P video. I own domains already like p2pvideoblog.com, enterprisevideoblog.com, webcastingblog.com etc… and you can use one of them if you so choose.

So that’s about as easy as I can make it. You’ll get a login to TypePad and can just blog, we’ll do all the rest. If you are serious about it, please contact me.