Digital Media Patents For Profit In The Online Video Industry

Digital Media Patents
I’ve covered the topic of patent litigation in the past as it pertains to the online video industry and from recent announcements, it shows no sign of slowing down. Acacia’s not the only company aggressively pursuing these hot patents
as potential revenue generators, and target companies need a sound
response strategy should Acacia or any other firm come looking for
licensing fees.

Last week, Nokia filed a counter-infringement lawsuit against Qualcomm accusing them of infringing on six patents in Nokia’s MediaFlo mobile TV service amongst other things.

In May, Streamcast Networks was seeking an injunction against Joost and also last month, Media Rights Technologies and issued cease and desist letters to Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and RealNetworks over technology that controls access to copyrighted material.

Tracking all of the litigation taking place that pertains to video over IP continues to be very important and staying on top what is taking place is crucial if you are involved in video. It is important that you and your customers are aware of how this is and will continue to affect the online video industry. Suppliers and vendors in the IP video industry as well as content creators need to have the background information to make eductaed business decisions. With that in mind, myself and the Analysis Group wrote a featured article for the Streaming Media sourcebook that covers this topic.

The article, entitled, "Digital Media Patents for Profit", can be read on and gives an overview of what all companies should be aware of.