Blog Readers Can Get Discount On New Book In My Series Entitled “Hands-On Guide To Flash Video”

Last month, the newest book in my series came out entitled "Hands-On Guide To Flash Video", written by Stefan Richter and Jan Ozer. My publisher Focal Press has been kind enough to offer anyone who reads my blog to get a copy of the book at a discount.

The book covers Flash Video production from soup to nuts, beginning
with how to configure your camcorder and ending to advanced server
techniques like bandwidth detection and FMS logging and reporting. Real
word lessons from case studies of successful Flash Video deployments
are also included.

I always felt that authors should stand behind their books more than they do, so I will make this commitment. If anyone who buys the book with the discount link feels they did not learn anything from it or that reading it wasted their time, I will personally provide a full refund if the book is returned to me. I don’t want anyone keeping anything they feel does not help them so I’ll take it back and refund your money. Yes, I know that is odd for an author to do, and some will say I am crazy to do it, but I think more authors should stand behind their work.

Also, anyone who posts a review of the book on Amazon will get a free copy of the next edition of the book when it comes out. This goes for bad reviews of the book as well, as all reviews are welcomed.