DirecTV’s Version of Mobile TV Is A Briefcase

Came across this story on Yahoo! from last week talking about how DirecTV showed off its version of Mobile TV, named Sat-Go, at CES earlier in the year. Who is going to carry around a briefcase, to be able to have a portable TV where they go? What are these companies thinking? The article says that the application for this device would be "ideal for tailgating, backyard viewing, and a number of other scenarios." I’d love to hear what those "other" scenarios would be that pertain to consumers. Tailgating, maybe. For the backyard, highly unlikely.

What I completely disagree with from this article is their notion that Sat-Go will somehow challenge video on the mobile handset as it says, "…Sat-Go and similar products from the satellite TV companies could offer a very compelling alternative to what we’ve seen from cell phone-based mobile TV thus far."

Sure, it’s an alternative, the same way VHS tapes are to DVDs. But I think we know the answer to the question of what consumers will want to carry around for video, a briefcase or a mobile phone.