Beyond Pre-Roll: What’s Next for Online Video Advertising?

That’s the focus of one of the sessions at the Streaming Media East show next week. We have a couple of sessions dedicated to the online video advertising subject and this panel discusses how as video advertising evolves in the coming months and years, technologies and business models will naturally extend beyond those in practice today.

Moderated by Jeff Marcus, former CTO of 24/7 Real Media, this session
discusses the challenges and opportunities that face the online advertising industry in 2007 as it establishes a foundation for video advertising that will help shape the future of the broader consumer advertising industry.

The panelists include:

  • Jeremy Lockhorn, Director of Emerging Media and Video Innovation, Avenue A / Razorfish
  • Aleck Schleider, Senior Director, Product Sales,
  • Richard Glosser, Executive Director of Emerging Media and Partner Integration, CondeNet
  • Christian Anthony, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Special Ops Media

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session? If so, please include them in the comments section.