Unique Challenges To Enterprise Video Communications

For the dinner event that I am moderating tonight, talking to video in the enterprise and hosted by Ignite Technologies, what questions or topics do you think we should discuss? While I am not creating a huge list of points as I want to keep the topic open and free-flowing, here are the few I am interested in discussing:

  • how is the enterprise market learning from what is taking place with video outside of the enterprise industry?
  • what are the biggest headaches you face when it comes to implementing the entire ecosystem that makes up enterprise video?
  • how much convincing of management is still needed when it comes to
    getting budget to buy and deploy enterprise video products and services
    and what are some of the best ways you prove internally the value that
    video provides?
  • how do you evaluate products and services in the market and what factors do you use to decide what solutions you purchase?

Are there any questions that you would add to the list or any topics you’d like me to bring up so that you can hear the attendees take on the subject?