MTV Networks, BitTorrent, Turner Broadcasting and The DCIA To Speak On P2P At The Streaming Media East Show

We have some great sessions at the Streaming Media East show, May 14-16 in NYC talking about P2P and other forms of content distribution. One of the sessions on May 15th is entitled "Is P2P The Answer To Large Scale Video Delivery?"

Moderated by Rich Mavrogeanes the Founder and CTO of VBrick, this session discusses whether P2P will finally revolutionize online video distribution. They will discuss whether the cost savings advantage with P2P is real, how P2P will translate into a competitive advantage, how P2P distribution may affect the networks and CDNs and what some of the potential problems are that P2P technology may face from the telco’s. The panelists include:

  • Nick Rockwell, CTO, MTV Networks
  • Christopher Levy, Chairman, Digital Media Management Working Group, DCIA
  • Monty Mullig, SVP, Internet Technologies, Turner Broadcasting System
  • Brian Taptich, VP, Business Development, BitTorrent

Register for the show and come hear the debate on whether P2P is the answer to the fundamental capacity limitations for large-scale video audiences for today’s Internet. Are there any topics or points would you like to see discussed at this session? If so, please include them in the comments section.