Domain Sells For Less Than $3,000

I’m always checking on relevant domain names that may be available and was surprised to find that the domain had been for sale for quite some time and that no one purchased it. Seems really odd to me considering how hot the market is.

Seizing the opportunity, purchased the domain as over time, I suspect the industry will move away from the Streaming Media term to something more content focused. We have already seen rich-media go by the wayside as well as digital media which is not used as much any more since it is too generic. I think that Online Video or IP Video will be the terms that really stick over the coming years. (See my earlier post entitled: Streaming, Online Video, Internet TV, Video On The Net: How Do We Describe The Industry?)

On a side note, if you are interested in the domain name let me know as I am thinning out my domain name collection.