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Comprehensive List Of Stream Hosting Providers

One of the most common questions I get asked is for a list of streaming media hosting providers. Aside from the large companies everyone knows, typically referred to as CDNs, there are also a bunch of smaller regional service providers who also specialize in delivering audio and video content via progressive download and/or streaming. Choosing the right provider is all based on what your needs are and there is not one provider on this list who is better than another unless you are talking your specific needs.

This list is by no means 100% complete and there may be other companies that I don’t know about, or forgot. I did not list those providers who simply re-sell or private label one of the providers on the list below or who specialize in hosting just radio stations etc… I also am not listing any providers who only have a P2P offering as I will be doing a post about P2P providers next week.

Below is the list in alphabetical order. Please note that not all of these providers support both streaming and progressive downloads and not all of them support the same video formats. (Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime and Real)

  • www.Abacast.com
  • www.ArcoStream.com
  • www.AudioVideoWeb.com
  • www.PowerStream.net
  • www.SevernStream.com
  • www.StreamGuys.com
  • www.StreamTheWorld.com
  • www.StreamingMediaHosting.com
  • www.UpStreamNetworks.com
  • If you feel I have missed someone on the list, please let me know in the comments section.