Video Still Not Supported In Firefox Or Safari For Mac Users

Why can’t get it’s video to work for Mac users with the Firefox or Safari browsers? Everyone says that using Flash solves the cross-platform issue but it doesn’t when a site like who is using Flash, still doesn’t support Mac users. I am trying to watch the briefing on the pet food recall and had to leave the site to go watch it with CNN’s pipeline service. I like for getting my news each day but it’s dumb that they make Mac users leave their site and force them to go to a competitors news site to get video.

There is no excuse for not to be able to support Mac users when the other news sites out there have been supporting them for years. Wake up MSNBC! You are losing eyeballs like mine when I can’t get the news I want from your site. Do I really need to tell you how people are getting news on the web today?

Update: I forgot to mention. In addition to the above, MSNBC makes you sit through a video advertisement BEFORE they tell you that you can’t see the video you are after. So while they know the browser is not supported, they don’t tell you that till after you have watched a video ad, which of course seems to work just fine in the browser.