Looking For Part Time Help With Streaming Media Europe Conference Program

I am looking to hire someone for a few months to help me with the planning of the Streaming Media Europe show taking place October 4-5th in London. Primarily, I am looking for someone to work with me on the following:

  • conference agenda. talk to people in the UK about what topics they want to see at the show, help write session descriptions and help organize the show format
  • speaker placement. help me go through all the submissions I get, help me reach out to and invite other speakers, and create a list of speakers we want to target to get to the show
  • be on hand at local networking events to represent the Europe show and talk to people, collect cards, network etc…. we do a few of these leading up to the show. the next one is March 6th that we are doing with Kendra
  • at the show, help me get speakers into the rooms, make sure all runs smoothly etc..

We have a good local UK pr, marketing and sales team already in place so there is no help needed on sales, marketing and all the really hard work. Of course, we always open to ideas on how you may want to help there but the biggest help I need is really the speakers and the shows agenda.

There would be some months where there would be work, and other months were there would not be any. The busy months would be in April and May when we would have to plan the advance program and then September the month before the show and of course the 3 days of the show in October. In June, July and August there would not be much to do aside from some e-mails.

If you are interested, please contact me ASAP as I will be making a decision this week. You MUST be based in or around London and your current job must not be a conflict of interest.