Vendors, It’s QuickTime, not Quick time and RealNetworks not Real networks

I have been noticing this for years and can’t understand why many vendors still don’t get it right. In many of your press releases, marketing sheets and on your website you spell QuickTime and RealNetworks, among other companies names, incorrectly. It’s QuickTime, one word, not two, with a capital Q and T. Same with RealNetworks, one word, capital R and N.

You pretty much throw all of your credibility out the window when you print and publish materials that don’t highlight company’s names correctly. Especially when this mistake is on a press release announcing how good your product and service is or even worse when it is in a research report on the industry and the first page talks to the "expertise" of your organization.

It may seem like something trivial, but if I get a release from a company and they have it wrong, I don’t even read it as I feel the release is not legit. And while we are on the subject of press releases, when you send out a press release, PUT THE WEBSITE OF THE COMPANY IN THE RELEASE! I get so many release where there is no URL and I have to hunt on the web to find the website. What is the point of putting out a release if you’re not giving the media the ability to visit the company’s website?