Business 2.0 Issue Features Online Video Companies

The March edition of Business 2.0 magazine, which arrived in my mail today, has some good stories about the online video market and in particular what some of the vendors are working on. Erick Schonfeld does a feature story on "Make Way For Must Stream TV" and talks about Diggnation, Joost and Veoh and how they are targeting content to niche audiences. It’s a good read but I don’t see it on the Business 2.0 website as of yet. Erick just e-mailed me to let me know the article is now online.

Another article in the issue talks to the "25 Hot Startups To Watch" and includes a page of online video related companies. Unfortunately, none of the companies mentioned  are really classified as startups in my mind and I would have liked to see them highlight companies who haven’t been in development for at least a year. They highlight Joost and Revision3, two companies already thoroughly covered in Erick’s article and they also highlight, Metacafe and Dabble. Not what I would really call startups except maybe for Dabble.

There are also some other editorial pieces in the issue that talk to online video advertising and some other rich-media applications.