Sprint Offers Full-Length Pay-Per-View Movies on Mobile Phones – Why?

This one has me stumped. I know this was announced in Q4 of last year, but I’ve just being doing some reading up on the service and frankly, I don’t get it. Who in the U.S. is going to pay to watch a two-hour movie on their cell phone? We all know that short videos to mobile devices, for the right application has some potential. But full-length movies? When are technology companies going to understand that just because you can do something technically, does not mean that consumers want it? All that matters is what’s adopted and there is no way consumers in the U.S. are going to adopt the idea of watching full-length movies on a mobile. They don’t even watch movies downloaded to a PC in any large quantity.

That being said, what applications are you seeing in the market for short videos to mobile that does show promise and has some traction?