Searching For Consumer Videos Is Still Too Hard

Why is the ability to search videos on the net still so hard these days? In enterprise video deployments, search is considered a standard function. But search for consumer-based content on the web is still very hit or miss. Google will only search content from it’s own Google Video site or from YouTube. Does anyone know if this will change now that Google has announced that Google Video will become a video search engine? AOL’s and Yahoo’s search function will only give you content from their networks and while there are some small sites out there that index some videos, most of it is only content from YouTube.

It seems that blinkx has a lock on the market and quite frankly, I can see why. Their search function works very well and seems to be the only site you can go to that has indexed a large amount of video and gives you the ability to display it easily. Seems to me like there is only one game in town when it comes to search and that blinkx has a lock on the market. They seem like a natural acquisition for someone looking to integrate their technology into a content offering or search engine.

Anyone track any other companies out there when it comes to searchable consumer content?