Acacia Technologies DMT Patents Still Need To Be Watched

For the past 3 years, has been closely watching and covering Acacia Technologies and their Digital Media Transmission (DMT) patents and what this may mean to content owners and online video vendors. While we are not lawyers or providing legal counsel, we have been leading the charge to educate readers with the information they need to make an informed business decision regarding these patents via a dedicated section on our website at

If you are a content owner or a vendor in the online video industry and
have never heard of Acacia Technologies, then you need to do some catch
up on your reading

Very simply, Acacia claims they hold patents on streaming, downloading and just about every form of digital audio and video distribution out there–including pushing MP3s from peer-to-peer groups, streaming newscasts from Internet radio sites and delivering movies through cable networks.

Yesterday, published a great article by Xenia Kobylarz entitled "Extreme Makeover: From Patent Troll to the Belle of the Ball" which gives a great update on Acacia’s growing momentum. I also wrote an article with the Analysis Group for the latest edition of the Streaming Media magazine which can be found here.

If you don’t know about Acacia, educate yourself, educate your customers and help them educate their customers. This can have a ripple effect in a good way if everyone passes along the information needed to stay informed about what is going on with Acacia.